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About me

Hi! Shoppers, I'm excited to the point that the people also interested to read about me! Much obliged to you for coming here and Welcome..! My Name is Naveen, however, you’ll mostly meet me as Naveen Mayura on the internet. I am the twenty-five years young man. I am not a graduate; I love the Internet, I adore dreams; I want to be an imaginative individual and attract peoples with my works and build my lifestyle according to my fantasies. My leisure activities are Playing Cricket, Listening melodies, Movies, Reading Books and Blogging. I am here to anticipate making new friends, getting to know every one of you better! Also, share my happiness and knowledge with everyone. I am low maintenance blogger, even I don't know how to compose articles yet I began this blog with expectation. I will Learn it soon for my readers to compose without mistake, Support me.

Remarks and criticism are valuable to me. Nothing can light up my day when I hear a positive input about the article which I Present to the readers. So let me know whether you feel I merit thankfulness through mail. You can get in touch with me at nsbase09@gmail.com . On the off chance that you have any inquiries you can ask me through the mail, I will be happy to help you.

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About Shopping Cave

Shopping Cave is a blog that publishes and make's product mindfulness for the general people. This blog will be especially useful for Many Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers, Export Marketers and Online Shoppers; here I write about product life cycle, raw materials sourcing, product sourcing, product management, use of products, product placements and also about essentials of personal life.

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