9000 Days In The Planet Of Earth

Posted by Naveen Mayura S On Monday, 24 April 2017 0 comments
Howdy Shoppers,

Welcome back to shopping cave blog. Today is 24th April 2017 so that means I was born before 9000 days ago from today.  I am very happy to remember that I have completed 8999 days in the earth of planet and still alive. Today is the most important day in my life Timeline.


For the remembrance of this day, I am writing this small piece of thanksgiving article since I was supported by many people on this planet. I always owe a debt of gratitude to all those people.

My First Thanks - is to my mother. You may ask why not father?  Since I knew only my mother when I was born. She is my prime friend of my life on this planet. She smiled when I was cried on the day of my birth. She made me stop crying and thought me to laugh. And then she introduced my father to me.

Sweet to remember...

My Second Thanks, of course to my father. He is the man the greatest gift of god; he is the man the real hero of my life. He guided me, he protected me, he served me, and he supported me and lot. I can’t able to express it with the words; it’s all about more than words that he has done to me. In simply I can tell you. I love my dad.

Love to memorize...

And all other thanks, I dedicate to people who were living around me. Who loves me, who cares me, who helped me, who supported me.  Totally I dedicate all my thanks to the world. I always owe a debt of gratitude to all of you people.
I really honor all people who were really supported and taught me many life lessons which is helping me today. Over the last 8999days I had many good days and bad days, sometimes I felt I am the luckiest person in this world and sometimes I also felt I am the unluckiest person in this world. Up and downs is common in life cycles, I had many bad days than good days, good days where I had spent very rare. Many days I had spent with no food, no good clothes, no money, no job, health issue of my parents and Most of the days I only had a pack of debt. But I had motivated myself to face my bad days; many of my efforts went fruitless. Many of my dreams were ignored. But I am really interested in controlling and changing my destiny so now I am digging all my dreams.

There are no great milestones in my life timeline. I don’t know how the days were gone. I am getting a little bit of disappointment, that I don’t have milestones to tell like great things done by me. But Many peoples scolded and called me as a waste fellow, useless fellow but my heart is telling me “you are still alive”.

I can tell that the most wonderful gift gifted by god is dreams, it’s a magic of life, everyday I open my eyes with the hope of entering my dreamland. It's a fantastic feeling, I love always. Sunrise which welcomes me to the real world with the promise to leave me again to my dream world. I really enjoying the nature of earth from the day I was born.

The Past is past, Life is a one time opportunity, we can’t bring back the days which we were spent but we can begin again with new hopes, new ideas with no mistakes. I had made many mistakes in my past and learn many lessons in life. My past has not destroyed me or defeated me. It has only strengthened me. I believe and aware of the new world is waiting for me.

I am not tired of waiting for golden days in my life. I am thrilled to be 24, its is time now to me to wrap up my past pains and start to enjoy my work for my dreams to get into reality. It's time for something new! I am going to succeed because I am crazy enough. Now I am ready to face my future I have a plan for next 1000 days. if I am  alive till my next 1000 days I am sure I will write the success story of my life on 19-January-2020.

Stay tuned.