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Do you Read books?

Benefits of Reading Books

To be honest.... I will see only pictures and close the book. Myself hate reading books, It feels like boring...Oh my god! Really I enjoyed a lot, many classes I was bunked in my school times. After finishing my secondary high school, I was thought no more books can enter in my life, I was totally relaxed. Because my parents were poor they didn’t have enough money to join me to college, they believed in only education. Later they took the loan from one of my neighbor in front of me and I was pulled by my parents for further higher studies. I joined evening college, Worked in KFC as a Part Timer. I got good marks in second P.U.C. But my interest was gone after failing in economics in B.com First semester. And also before that, I was attended many job interviews and got rejected even though I was done well, due to no recommendations or referees. I had an opinion that Indian education system is only to steal the money from the parents. No more education can help me. So I quitted my college.

Later I joined Cafe Coffee Day after finishing my work I would go for cyber zone because I love the internet. While that time I use to learn to make money online.

Many of the techniques were related to scam; I forgot the topic of making money online and started to learn about business personalities and world Billionaires. Most of the great people suggested that to read more good books, the books which guide us to the best way. Each book contains valuable lessons. Rather it may be just one line of that book may have a good impact on someone’s life.

Yah its true, one line had changed my mindset to read books
 “People who never like to read is equal to illiterate”

Somewhere I had read this line. After reading this line I realized that I am wasting my parent’s effort who were sent me to school for education. Almost they did 12 years of sacrificing their money to my education life. Thinking all this my heart was broken and changed myself to continue to read books.

What is a book?

Fundamentally this is an arrangement of papers that contains a lot of printed works. Books are the wonderful and amazing gift for any mankind. It is the real treasure of knowledge to anyone in the universe. I am sure you will always agree on this. Since for everybody, just the books are driving them in their life to be effective. Human beings are always students of books. The genuine master in our life is only the books, books make us as a student, as a teacher, as a doctor, as an engineer, as a blogger, as a scientist and so on.

Books which never demand anything for the service they provide to us. They educate us, they entertain us, they motivate us, and they shape us. The kingdom of books is as big as the universe.

Reading is a human development that reflects how the brain rearranges itself to gain some new knowledge. It is one of the most important standouts to you to make the changes in your life regularly.

Here's a list  of what I've observed to be the MAIN basic advantages of Reading books:

1.Exercise for Brain: 

We need food for our stomach every day, the same way our brain needs some exercise every day. If you not given work to your brain, your brain will be like inactive. You will become mentally lazy, you will lose your concentration and you will be like stupid. Reading books is just like exercise for your brain and keeps you active. Helps you to focus on your work... and makes you genius.
                    “Strength is life, Weakness is death”

2. The Leaders: 

The ultimate leaders are books, without books, there are no leaders. Books are leading the people to do something in an activity. Books play an important role in the birth of leaders.
                             “All great leader are readers”

3. Wisdom: 

Wisdom is the important contribution of reading books, If you read books on personalities you will come to know about their experience in success and failures, with the help of this you can manage your present situation wisely.
                  “Experience is the teacher of all things”

4. Knowledge: 

With help of reading books, you could know about various information on your topic and you can explain clearly to your classmates, students, clients, customers etc.
  “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”

5. The quality of conversation: 
Reading books helps you to speak fluently and with confidence especially when you are talking or discussing ideas between two or more peoples.

             “Conversation can solve most problems” 

6. Creativity:  

Without creativity, there would be no innovation. Everybody has an ability to creativity. Creativity is thinking up new things, For example: if you tell the same joke over and over again the people will not get the laugh. You must be creative to impress the world. Reading books really helps you to be more creativity and express yourself in different new ways.
        “We are all creative human beings, we must create”

7. Be  Alone: 

Many different peoples are there in this world some people likes friendship and some people likes being alone. Sometimes friends may live you alone due to some reason but books never do that. It gives you more enjoyment that you never enjoyed before in your life. It makes you forgotten that you are alone.
                  “There is no friend as loyal as a book”

8.Revealing Secrets: 

Reading books helps you to reveal the secrets in history. Books give you information about Secrets on an old medical system, buried treasure and etc books are revealing secrets, for example, Many magicians make mind blowing magics. Really everybody likes the art of magic but the magician never shares their secrets. Because they were learned the tricks very hard. Only related books can reveal their secrets.

“ Life is an open secret. Everything is available nothing is hidden. All That you need is just eyes to see and books to read.”
Still reading my post I thought you were jumped. Thank you for reading my post. I am sure after reading this benefits you will never be the same. The whole world is yours, It’s good to utilize your time in reading books as well also my blog.

Every end is new beginning..... I Think you are delighted, See you tomorrow.