The True Influence Of Your Habits – Your Habits Are Creating Your Future!

Posted by Naveen Mayura S On Tuesday, 3 January 2017 0 comments
Hey Shoppers,

Today I have a surprising message to you all.  Always remember, “The world is yours”. You have already held the secret to achieve something in your life. Yes, the mystery of your achievement is your habit. Your habits shape you. It helps you to do preparation, hard work, learning from failures. There are no secrets to success, It is the result of your habits. Habits which reminds us, the power of repeated actions that we take day by day. Successful habits turn our goals from dreams and wish into our new reality. On the off chance, your activities might inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, and you will become the master. Wow! Sounds complicated.

Habits Are Creating Our Future

 The first thing I want to say before you are going to read this full post. you must take some challenges. It is nothing, you need to ask these five questions and answer it. not one day but every day, questioning these questions to you every day is one of the good habits. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that just little extra. Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out. So Please write down and ask these questions to yourself.

1.Who I am
2.Why I am here
3.What is my dream?
4.What do I want to do?
5.What have I done?

Check how frequently these questions are making enthusiasm to you and how often these questions are exhausting to you.

Habits which shapes you, here is a Small example: If you change your habits for reading books and if your pick good books it will change you and your interactions with other people as good. If you read bad books it will change you and your interactions with other people as bad. That all, It's Simple.

The way your life will turn out, might be this year or next years from now, is the result of consequence of all your current habits. Everything in our lives is administered by our habits. Starting from how you get out from the bed in the morning, to how you dress, to how to do you style, to how you speak, think and most importantly how you act and react, are all supervised by your habits. Your routines or habits regulate how you respond to practically every set of prospects which transverse our path. They determine, whether you will take the daily action you need to take in order to achieve your goals, what you will think about all day, how you will retain to any challenges, which will cross your path and they drive you every day, to be disciplined or lazy.

A habit which you start doing it without really thinking about it, it just helps you relax, or pay attention, or feel better about yourself. It is very Important when we are selecting our habits thoughtfully or carefully. Because the bad habits may cause for your disappointment. habits which we develop in our life that will determine whether we ever reach our goals or not. This is where the challenge lies when you introduce this new success, habits are building process of your life. You need to know where you want your life to go, identify the bad habits, which are not serving you and work to replace them with the success habits that will. Make a list of your helpful habits. Create your list; listen to how you feel when you look at each of your present habits. Do they bring your satisfaction, efficiency or fun? Do they serve a good purpose in your life? Or does the habit interfere with your well being or the well being of others? Honor those habits that work for you as they can free you up so you can make other changes in your life.

No one starts doing something, expecting it to become a permanent part of their life. Simply remind of time we have surrendered attempting to change our habit but we jump back to our old ways. We use this mental every day when we are stressed. when we face disappointment we have mental habitual responses that deal with all our sensitive trouble. Make sure to avoid this mistake and expect next year from now we will be more effective.

Start include to good habit now, Sometimes later becomes never. On the off chance that you make good habits it is naturally clear your way as positive and effective. It starts with the evident. We do things over and over, and they become our habits. With your motivation in mind, set aside time on a regular basis. Having a habit, we have to do it a lot of times, thus making it part of ourselves. Once you stuck to your habit, it is in control more than you are, and without a conscious effort to break or alter the habit, you will continue until your dying day. That’s just how it goes. 

Stop here, due to current workload, my mind is going to switch off now. hope you enjoyed my post. I will back soon with a new message. until then bye from Naveen Mayura.