Public Knowledge : Don’t Do Meditation, Its Dangerous!

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Hello Shoppers.., did you stunt with the title… My Monkey Mind though me to snatch your consideration. How is it?

Well..., a heat welcome to you all. Again, hope you’re all happy today to learn new things that were new to your knowledge. Today I am going to mention about meditation. Do you know about meditation? Your answer might be yes or no. I am asking for taste and experience my tamarind soup post and check my cooking mistake done with this post. Drop me a comment below this post at the comment box. Your comment might be positive or negative, I accept it. I love to hear comments with my shoppers which would help to me to correction.


I think you are all curious to research my misstep. I love it and move it, let’s jump into the matter.

So, what is meditation?

Meditation is nothing but a practice which we used to get knowledge (enlightenment) from our Inner world education university of life.

In other Words: - meditation is a practice where you can get a guru to your mind.( You are the guru of yourself, you digs yourself and teaches your mind)

In Short: - An Educational course to meet enlightenment.

Where is it come from?

Meditation practice comes from prehistoric period (Rig-Veda). In Early days you can see even deities are practicing this art. It is the wisdom and art of living that is always presented human to discover himself.

“An Adi Yogi Lord Shiva - one who completed all course in meditation and became Master of all great yogis.”

Why do we need to implement it in our daily life?

There must be a reason for continuing this art from Vedic period to present. Just think about nature, a wonderful creativity of god. Consider the air you can’t see it, however you feel it when it blows. Many supernatural powers are accessible in nature yet we didn’t know about it. You can answer where you are come from by scientifically but you can’t able to answer the purpose of your birth. Everybody is in the way of their own search of their purpose of birth. If you want to achieve what you want, you need to relax your mind (like a new-born baby mind) to think fresh. I am sure meditation will help you to relax and Sharpe your mind.

“I feel like a shower in rain without umbrella”

I think your brain is lighted now just like 1000volts bulb.

Sounds good, there is a lot of interest in implementing meditation in our daily life.

There are many benefits of meditation

1) Learn to be patience: Meditation mainly helps you to learn how to be tolerance. Being in patients can help you to think effectively and judge the issue and discover the solution for it.
2) Learn to think positive and move on: - Meditation helps you to be calm and think positive. Whatever happens, life must go on, it should not stop at a specific place for somebody or for some reason. It should flow like the water.

3) A new change in your life: - Meditation helps you to take the great choice by chatting with your inner world. It makes you as a new person. You can make a decision clearly, A good decision can help you to get more successful and get you to reach your goals.

4) Reduce Anxiety: - Getting tension is normal for everyone, especially in school time children, will get more anxiety out their exams and People who also have stage fear, workload, and etc. meditation will help you to reduce anxiety.

5) Control of emotions: - Sometimes you can’t control your feelings if someone screaming and shouting at you which makes you cry. Meditation helps you to balance your emotions.

6) Decreases blood pressure: -  A high blood pressure can be cause for numerous health conditions. Meditation helps you to reduce blood pressure. Many experts and doctors will give you the advice to do meditation.

7) Can Cure your Diseases: - Doing meditation regularly can also cure your existing disease. While you meditate you may not aware of it, the cosmic energy flows into your body from the galaxy just like sunlight.

8) Healthy body: - While the cosmic energy flows into the body, it flows all over the body through 72000 nodes which are there in human body. This helps you to get a healthy body and avoid future diseases.

9) Helps to focus and Creativity: - Everybody as an ability to creativity. When you meditate, it can help you to get various idea’s and helps you to focus on the matter which you like.

10) Super Natural Power:  Maybe you can get some supernatural power I am not sure but I have seen in Many movies that many maharishis do tapas(Meditation) and the god will arrive and give boon…!!! Please don’t be desirous, don’t waste your time, I have just shared an idea.

What are the types or levels of meditation?

There are many types of meditation that people call in different names it is just like the different door to enter the inside of the temple. but I just separated into short for my shoppers. So let me explain the first one,

Conscious meditation: When you start meditation, you need concentration to do deep meditation. You will start with breathing inhale and exhale. And will adjust your mood and thoughts which work best for you. You may aware of these. Many times especially when you are new to meditation you can’t able go for next level (Subconscious level) of meditation. You may wrap up as soon before entering next level.  No problem even this type of meditation benefits you.

Subconscious Meditation:   While you meditate many thoughts, images, the sound that will come around you. After fixing to a particular attention. You may aware that you going into deep. While all your thoughts, images, the sound, whatever which were around you starts to get invisible. And you inhale –exhale breath become automatically normal. You may experience it while meditating.

Unconscious meditation: the main aim of meditation is enlightenment. In this stage, you are totally out from this earth. Just like sitting dead body. Even you will not take the breath, no heartbeat your spirit (Atma) will travel to the different world. That world can teach you about the life and your karma. The true meaning of your birth.

How many hours did you require to meditate?

Well, it depends upon you, everybody was busy in their daily life some people even they don’t have time to spend time with the family. If you don’t have time, at least try to make free to do meditation for 5 to 10 minutes. If you love meditation you can plan according to your time management and can do meditation for many hours if you like. Its all depends on you.

Do you like to implement mediation in your life journey? If you have more interested.

Here Are Some Important Books Recommended by Experts.

Meditation and Its Methods by swami Vivekananda

Raja yoga by swami Vivekananda

Shiva sutras by H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Right now go everywhere as you wish but comeback for the next post.

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